"Everything you need for better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library."

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Our standard library consist of electronic (E-library) and a lot of books that provides students, staffs, researchers and all group of people that have access to library with all the required material for academic and other purposes. 

The College Library

The College Library is the main library of the College of Education Zing. It came into existence almost the same time when the College was established in 1978. the Library has in its stock a variety of materials which include: books, pamphlets annual reports, maps, periodicals, etc. the Library contains 17,000 books most of which are freely accessible to readers to borrow or browse However, the full value of the library collection can only be appreciated through an understanding of the arrangement of the materials, and the use of the catalogue which serves as index to it. Readers are therefore advised to acquaint themselves with the classification scheme used by the library and the solving plan which is based on the publications on the shelves, to enable them know where to go in order to borrow books on particular subjects. The classification system is used in the Dewey decimal classification.

Objectives of the library

  1. To provide the best reading materials for both staff and students of the College as well as offering an environment conducive for learning.
  2. To provide a well balanced book stock which will reflect the subject needs of the College, and
  3. To compliment the programme of study offered by the College.

Administration of the library

The College Library is being headed by Chief Librarian, Mr. Ayuba Ezekiel Angyu. He is being assisted by other qualified professionals, para-professionals and non professional staff. Presently, the library has three functional units. They are:-

  1. Collection Development Units:- The function of this unit is to develop the total book and periodical collection of the library.
  2. Technical Service Unit:- The function of these units is to process acquired books and periodicals, so as to enable readers gain access to them with the minimum delay. This unit therefore maintains what is called the card catalogue which the main bibliographic tools to the library book stock on the shelves.
  3.  Readers Service Unit: The function of this unit is to register library users, and control the
    use of the library materials. This unit also ensures that the library rules and regulations are observed and conducts orientation to newly admitted students at the beginning of each academic year. It is also the responsibility of this unit to assist readers in solving their reference and bibliographic queries.

Services of the library

The Library Operates a loan service to registered members. The loan period is two weeks for students and four weeks for staff. Normally, students are allowed to borrow maximum of 2 books at a time, while for the staff, the maximum of six books. Loans may however, be renewed provided other user have not requested the borrowed items Journals and certain reference books are not loaned out.
The Library also engage in inter library lending and can, therefore, assist both staff and students to borrow books held by the College Library and British Council Library Kano and Enugu, Plans are also underway to start a photocopying service in the library.

Opening Hours

The Library is open from 8:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Thursday, How ever on Fridays, the opening hours are 8:00 to 9:00am and 2:30pm to 9:00pm. During vacations the library is open from 8:00am to 2:30pm the library is closed on Sundays and official public holidays.

Who may use the library

All categories of Staff of the College as well as students are entitled to use the library, after showing evidence that they are registered. They may borrow books and request all other services offered by the library under terms prevailing.

Rule and Regulations

  1.  Only registered members are allowed to use the library.
  2. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in all parts of the library.
  3.  Books, periodical and other library materials consulted should be left on the reading table. Readers should not attempt to re-shelve them.
  4. Silence should be maintained at all times.
  5. Retaining library materials beyond the date they are due, or mutilating library items in any form, constitute a serious offence to serve disciplinary action.
  6.  A fine of N5.00 per day is charged for each day a book is over due. This amount is subject to change at any time without notice.
  7. A charge of N20.00 is made for the replacement of a lost borrower’s ticket or membership card, and can be reviewed from time to time without prior notice
  8. Borrowers are charged the full replacement cost of items lost or damaged.
  9. The library does not accept responsibility for any lost of personal items, such as Bags, umbrellas, etc.
  10. Readers should submit themselves to scrutiny at the scrutining check of the library.
  11. The College Librarian reserves the right to suspend or withdraw rights of readers, who Contravene these regulations and to report such cases to the appropriate college authorities for further disciplinary action.

Internet services

The college has internet services which had just been put to use, Students are allowed to register, have their E-mail Addresses for accessing. Reading materials which are or cannot be found in the college library would be found easily through internet.
Students are advised to register so that they would be internet literate, which would serve as an
added advantage.